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JB Blunk

JB Blunk, a versatile artist, explored the realms of sculpture, ceramics, and painting, seamlessly blending materials to create a distinctive and impactful aesthetic.

Biography of JB Blunk

 JB Blunk was born in Ottawa, Kansas (USA) in 1926. In 1951, he graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, initially pursuing physics before shifting his focus to ceramics under the guidance of acclaimed ceramist Laura Andreson.

Drafted into the Korean War shortly after completing his studies at UCLA, Blunk successfully obtained discharge while in Japan, where he encountered the sculptor Isamu Noguchi. During this period, he apprenticed with Japanese potter Kitaoji Rosanjin and Bizen potter Kaneshige Toyo. Notably, Blunk became the first American to apprentice within the lineage of Japan's renowned unglazed stoneware ceramic tradition.

In 1954, JB Blunk held his inaugural solo exhibition at Chou-Koron Gallery in Tokyo, curated by Isamu Noguchi.

Upon his return to California, Blunk initiated the creation of what could be considered his most noteworthy masterpiece, the "Blunk House." Constructed from 1959 to 1962, this residence is crafted entirely from locally sourced materials, showcasing Blunk's commitment to utilizing elements from the surrounding environment.

In 1988, Blunk collaborated with landscape architects Ron Wigginton and Rachada Chantaviriyavit on the creation of "Wheat Walk," a project undertaken for the University of California, Davis, Arboretum.

The artist died in 2002. Between 2008 and 2012, the Lucid Art Foundation, in conjunction with JB Blunk's family, established an artist residency at the former residence and studio of JB Blunk in Inverness, California. Over four years, this residency program hosted and supported 18 artists from both national and international backgrounds.

Recent solo exhibitions of JB Blunk's artwork include "JB Blunk: Muse" at Kasmin Gallery in New York (2022), "Three Forms: JB Blunk" at Blunk Space in Point Reyes (2021), "J.B. Blunk" at Kate MacGarry in London (2018), and "JB Blunk" at Blum & Poe in Tokyo (2016). 

JB Blunk's Art Style

Blunk's ceramic creations achieve a delicate equilibrium between fragility and robustness, embodying the organically crafted aesthetic that defines his artistic style. He manipulates chunky pieces of clay through folding, rolling, pinching, and painting.

The resulting works often showcase a raw, cracked, and irregular appearance, showcasing a deliberate resistance to mass production. Some pieces feature glossy glaze lines and accents of gold leaf, showcasing the artist's meticulous and intentional approach. Blunk, guided by his materials, held no obligation to conform to convention, dedicating his lifetime's work to the exploration of object, form, and place.

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