How Digitised.Art Works: Artist's Guide

Discover Digitised.Art, an innovative platform connecting artists with collectors and galleries to create digital editions of original artworks, unlocking new opportunities, value, and reach. Here's how it works for

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    Claim / Create your Artist Page

    Partner with your gallery to showcase your artwork on Digitised.Art and explore a new creative dimension by offering digital editions. Use search to check if you already have a page and click [Claim your profile] or [create it] via our contact form.

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    Gallery Representation

    Encourage your gallery to represent you on Digitised.Art and introduce your artwork to an emerging market of digital collectors.

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    Negotiations & Due Diligence

    Digitised.Art handles all communication aspects on your behalf, guiding and advising best practices throughout each stage of the deal, while ensuring your rights are protected and the transaction is secure.

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    Digital Editition Creation

    We offer services to create a high-quality digital editition, tokenize it, and provide guidance to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

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    Engage New Audiences

    Attract new collectors, engage with audiences that were never reachable before, and share your artistic vision on a global scale by embracing the digital art landscape.

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