How Digitised.Art Works: Gallery's Guide

Welcome to Digitised.Art, where we provide an innovative platform for galleries to connect with modern collectors and unlock additional revenue streams. Here's how it works for

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    Claim/Create Your Gallery Profile

    If your gallery has a profile on Digitised.Art, claim ownership to edit information and add artwork selections, showcasing your gallery to potential new collectors. To claim ownership, use the search bar, find your gallery name, and click “Claim ownership.” If your gallery is not on Digitised.Art yet – request to create your profile.

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    Handle Collector Requests

    When collectors send quote and availability requests, we contact the gallery to confirm artwork availability and artist consent for digitisation.

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    Gallery Review & Approval

    Galleries decide on the digital editition's pricing, transfer method, and additional rights. Once artist approval is obtained, the transaction proceeds

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    Digital Original Services

    We offer services to create a high-quality digital editition, tokenize it, provide guidance and due diligence for both parties, and ensure transaction security.

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    Additional Paper Agreement

    Both parties are encouraged to sign a paper agreement alongside token transfer for proper IP rights structuring and use case regulation.

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    Unique Singular Digital Editition

    Collectors receive a unique digital editition, while galleries connect with new collectors and increase artwork value. Artists benefit from additional revenue streams.

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