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Ivana de Vivanco

Born in Lisbon in 1989 and currently residing and working in Germany, Ivana de Vivanco is a captivating Chilean-Peruvian artist who brings to life theatrical scenes infused with uncanny atmospheres, rich metaphors, and thought-provoking sociopolitical references.

Ivana de Vivanco's Art Style

De Vivanco's artistic journey started with a strong foundation in fine art. She studied at the University of Chile in Santiago and further refined her skills at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig. Her dedication and talent have garnered recognition from prestigious institutions such as DAAD, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, and the Cultural Foundation of Saxony. In 2015, she was awarded the Marion-Ermer Prize for young artists, a testament to her increasing influence in the art world.

Ivana de Vivanco's style draws significant influence from Latin American Baroque, which stands out as the most vibrant and poignant form of Baroque due to the indelible imprint of colonization.

This influence is evident in her body of work, characterized by intensely vibrant colors that inspire various painting rhythms, ranging from velvety surfaces to expressive marks and raw gestures. Her depictions feature characters whose strained expressions convey a subtle sense of unease. At times, her figurative elements extend beyond the canvas into sculptural creations, transporting her scenes into another dimension and inviting the audience to become active participants in this peculiar pantomime.

Esteemed Exhibitions of Ivana de Vivanco

Ivana de Vivanco's work has been featured in renowned publications such as "100 Painters of Tomorrow" (Thames & Hudson), Elephant Magazine, Relieve Contemporáneo, and Le Quotidien de L'Art, among others. Recent exhibitions at esteemed institutions like the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, 68 Projects in Berlin, and The RYDER Projects in Madrid have further solidified her presence in the contemporary art scene.

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  • Years:

    Born in 1989

  • Country:

    Portugal, Lisbon

  • Gallery:

    The RYDER