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The art gallery, a cornerstone of artistic discovery for centuries, finds itself at a crossroads. The digital age, with its disruptive technologies and global reach, is forcing a reevaluation of the traditional gallery model. However, this transformation presents not just challenges, but also exciting opportunities. 
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As with any other year, marked the start of the 2023 summer for the art community. The event showcased 284 art installations from 36 countries and regions, making it a must-attend destination for art connoisseurs worldwide. Thus, a never-ending stream of visitors was expected, even at the VIP opening on Tuesday, the 15th, resulting in long queues and limited free space at some art booths.
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In a new fast-paced world driven by cutting-edge technologies, the digitalization of assets, services, and products becomes one of the tools that allow organizations to get the upper hand on competitors. No matter the industry or the object, it helps market players stand out in overcrowded business realms and create new, valuable revenue streams to fund new projects or mitigate crises.